Motorcycle Repair and Service

Working on motorcycles is our passion, our pride, and joy. Ensuring your motorcycle is running optimally will keep you safer on the road and minimize your long-term repair cost.

At Steel Buffalo Motors, we provide high-quality bodywork, maintenance, and general motorcycle repairs. We cover all three of these factors to ensure that our community bikes are efficient, safe, and maintain quality in their performance on the road.

What Sets Our Motorcycle Repair Work Apart?

On top of being in business for over fifty years, our experience is met with quality and efficiency that you can’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles. We treat each motorcycle that comes in as one of our own. In short, we don’t take the opportunity lightly and aim to give your bike the quality of work it deserves through each visit.

Nothing beats the sound of a two-stroke running hot, does it? We like to think so too. However, we know they have a tendency to start chipping away if you’re riding your bike the right way and testing its limits. Luckily, we have ample experience to get your bike back to peak performance.

Which Models of Motorcycles Do We Work With?

With our versatility and experience, we are capable of working on any model of motorcycle. We’ve seen everything from classic Indian bikes to newer Kawasaki models, and everything retro or modern in between. Although we may personally love Indian motorcycles and classic bikes, every bike we work on receives the same level of effort, execution, and quality. Again, we do not cut corners.

Bring Your Motorcycle in For Service Today

f you have any questions about your bike’s performance or repairs that need to be made, we’d love to see you come by the shop. Even if it’s just to check out some of the showroom’s beautiful bikes or introduce yourself, we are always more than happy to have more members join the Steel Buffalo Motors community.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

“Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”

Steven McQueen